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study handouts
Handouts are in .pdf form and may be printed from the web page by selecting
study abbreviation.


How to Stay Afloat in a World That's Circling the Drain

ACD-1 How to Handle Adversity
ACD-2 Removing Anxiety From Life
ACD-3 Things You Will Never Hear in Polite Conversation
ACD-4 New Career Strategies For a Changing World
ACD-5 New Relational Strategies For a Changing World
ACD-6 New Spiritual Strategies For a Changing World
Christianity 101
CHR-1 Doctrine
CHR-2 Biblical Reliability
CHR-3 God the Father
CHR-4 The Lord Jesus Christ
CHR-5 The Holy Spirit
CHR-6 The Depravity of Man
CHR-7 Salvation in Action
CHR-8 What Goes on in a Local Church
Dumb Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
DUM-1 Failure to Fear God
DUM-2 A Few Drinks Never Hurt Anybody
DUM-3 Mistaking Lust For Love
DUM-4 Trying to Find Safety in Numbers
DUM-5 Standing En Masse Against Evidence
DUM-6 Mistaking Control For Ownership
DUM-7 Accepting Glory That Isn't Yours
DUM-8 Adding to the Gospel
Financial Foundations
FIN-1 Ownership
FIN-2 Savings & Security
FIN-3 Borrowing & Lending
FIN-4 Investing
FIN-5 Giving
FIN-6 Paying Taxes
FIN-7 Retirement
FIN-8 Inheritance
Getting Control Of...
CON-1 Getting Control of Your Finances
CON-2 Getting Control of Your Schedule
CON-3 Getting Control of Your Appetites
CON-4 Getting Control of Your Career
How to Be Exceptional in an Average World
EAW-1 Consistency in Maintaining the Mundane
EAW-2 Stability Amidst Difficult Circumstances
EAW-3 Your Approach to Decision Making
EAW-4 Your Motivation for Career Performance
EAW-5 Personal Values & Professional Ethics
EAW-6 Your Approach to Conflict Resolution
How to Be Happy
HAP-1 How to Be Happy Though Single
HAP-2 How to Be Happy Though Married
HAP-3 How to Be Happy Though Broke
HAP-4 How to Be Happy Though Hurting
How To Know
HTK-1 What's the Matter With People?
HTK-2 What's So Special About Jesus?
HTK-3 What Was Behind the Death of Jesus?
HTK-4 How Can People Find God?
Integrity Under Fire
INT-1 Creativity Over Compromise
INT-2 Integration Over Segmentation
INT-3 Confidence Over Cowardice
INT-4 Clarity Over Confusion
INT-5 Application Over Accommodation
INT-6 Integrity Over Intrigue
John-The Essence of Life
JOHN-1 Introduction to John
JOHN-2 Nick at Night
JOHN-3 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Water Cooler
JOHN-4 Take Two Miracles and Call Me in the Morning
JOHN-5 What it Takes to See Jesus
JOHN-6 Wrapping Up the Great Debate
JOHN-7 Miracle to Die For
JOHN-8 Why Can't People Figure It Out?
JOHN-9 What Would You Ask Jesus?
JOHN-10 We Didn't Know Who You Was
JOHN-11 Who Do You Trust?
JOHN-12 A Salvage Operation on the Sea of Life
Just Do It
JDI-1 The Foundation For Greatness
JDI-2 If You Can't Build Consensus, You'll Never Build the Wall
JDI-3 Who Are the People Who Are Supposed to Do It?
JDI-4 You Can't Be a Winner If You Never Went to War
JDI-5 You Can't Run a Healthy Project With Hurting People
JDI-6 The High Cost of Leadership
JDI-7 If All Else Fails, Shoot the Leader
JDI-8 IThe Job Isn't Finished 'til the Inspector Signs Off
Life Management
LM-1 Purpose
LM-2 Excellence
LM-3 Control
LM-4 Freedom
LM-5 Focus
Living to Win
LTW-1 Living to Win Over Guilt
LTW-2 Living to Win Over Weakness
LTW-3 Living to Win Over Anxiety
LTW-4 Living to Win Over Fear
LTW-5 Living to Win Over Worthlessness
LTW-6 Living to Win Over Loneliness
LTW-7 Living to Win Over Stress (Not Available)
LTW-8 Living to Win Over Uncertainty
Power Broker
PB-1 Introduction
PB-2 The Power of Proficiency
PB-3 The Power of Ownership
PB-4 The Power of Work
PB-5 The Power of Encouragement
PB-6 The Power of Release
PB-7 Empower People Through Government
PB-8 Empower People Through Workplace
PB-9 Empower People Through Family
PB-10 Empower People Through Church
Recovering Our Lost Legacy
RLL-1 The Principle of Consequence
RLL-2 The Principle of Authority
RLL-3 The Principle of Duty
RLL-4 The Principle of Reverence
RLL-5 The Principle of Stewardship
RLL-6 The Principle of Significance
RLL-7 The Principle of Opportunity
RLL-8 The Principle of Faith
Reflections From the Top of the Heap
REF-1 The Truth Behind the See-Through Suit
REF-2 I Can't Get No Satisfaction
REF-3 Why Doesn't It Work at Work?
REF-4 Ground Rules for Dealing With God
REF-5 Fresh Perspectives on Prosperity
REF-6 Coming to Grips With Reality
REF-7 Pondering the Paradoxes of Life
REF-8 Bullets at the Back of the Book
REV-1 The Church of Ephesus
REV-2 The Church of Smyrna
REV-3 The Church of Pergamos
REV-4 The Church of Thyatira
REV-5 The Church of Sardis
REV-6 The Church of Philadelphia
Sexuality By Design
SBD-1 Consenting Adults
SBD-2 Marital Fidelity
SBD-3 Graphic Depictions
SBD-4 Homosexuality
SBD-5 Unplanned Pregnancy
SBD-6 Sex by Force
SBD-7 Sex and Marriage
SBD-8 Sex in Marriage
Studies in Leadership
SIL-1 Humility in Leadership
SIL-2 Loyalty in Leadership
SIL-3 Vision in Leadership
SIL-4 Confidence in Leadership
SIL-5 Accountability in Leadership
SIL-6 Responsibility in Leadership
SIL-7 Boldness in Leadership
SIL-8 Service in Leadership
Survival Through the Cycles
SUR-1 Survival...As a Mover & a Shaker
SUR-2 Survival...As a Person of Integrity
SUR-3 Survival...When Your Network Fails
SUR-4 Survival...As a Candidate for Advancement
SUR-5 a Capitalistic System
SUR-6 Survival...When You Want to Get Even