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about us

Frequently Asked Questions About Priority Living:

What is Priority Living of Arizona?
Priority Living is a ministry designed to expose people to the truth of Christ
and His gospel message. Our primary purpose is "to cause Biblical life change
 in business men and women by teaching the timeless Word of God in a
contemporary context".

Is Priority Living of Arizona affiliated with a
church or religious group?
Priority Living is not a church and is not in any way intended as a replacement
for regular church attendance. Those attending our studies are encouraged to
become involved in a Bible teaching church. Each member of the Board of
Directors is an active member of a local church.

How is Priority Living of Arizona organized?
Priority Living of Arizona is an Arizona non-profit corporation, governed by a
Board of Directors. Persons involved in ministry activities are directly
accountable to that Board of Directors.

How is Priority Living of Arizona funded?
The studies are not underwritten by any individuals or specific group of
people. Priority Living is dependent on those who attend studies for its
financial support. Contributions to Priority Living are used to pay for the rental
of meeting facilities, refreshments, transportation and other expenses such as
the tape ministry and salaries. It is important for you to be aware of our
unwavering commitment to financial integrity. If you have any further
questions regarding any financial aspect of our organization, please feel free
to contact any one of us. 

Priority Living of Arizona is an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation and has received a
favorable determination of exempt status from the IRS pursuant to code sections
509(a)1) and 17(b)(1)(A)(iv).  Contributions to the study are tax-deductible.

How can I become involved in Priority Living of Arizona?
Pray daily for the Lordís continued blessing on the efforts of this ministry;
Use the studies to introduce your co-workers, friends and neighbors to
Godís Word; Use your talents to participate in some aspect of this ministry.

Board of Directors:

Tom Shrader - President
Jerry Smith - Vice-President
Les Taylor - Treasurer
Mark Yule - Secretary